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Myth Bearer is an open-ended adventure game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics and puzzle solving, all rendered in glorious low-res pixel art! Actions taken during your journey are permanent - enemies don’t respawn, consumed items are forever gone, and story events have profound impacts on the world. Are you ready to brave a mysterious world full of danger and fortune?

Update: Myth Bearer is now on Steam, wishlist today! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1453450/Myth_Bearer/


  • Full mouse control, with the option to use WASD/arrow keys for movement.
  • Open-ended, interconnected level design.
  • High potential to sequence break and skip story chapters.
  • A dynamic game world that changes as the story progresses.
  • Unlockable challenge mode.

Created by @JC_Bailey1112.

Release date Jan 28, 2020
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorJC Bailey
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withAseprite, GameMaker
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Metroidvania, Open World, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Get this game and 2 more for $9.99 USD
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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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This was fun! I like turn based strategy/puzzle games, and this is really similar to many others in this genre, where you can think about a good strategy, and slowly and carefully, and using save/load to progress. I thought one of the interesting part of this is that, at some point, the world opens, and I suddenly noticed I skipped 3 chapters of the story. 

I've unlocked new game+ with that new item, and perhaps one day I'll try that version too.

It's not completely perfect (like the really slow walking if you want to clear out a monster in some other part of the world), but the strategy part is great and I love it. I'm also happy with the difficulty of the game, and that it became easier after a few chapters. Because with so many new choices open up, it would otherwise be too hard to choose a good route.

Very enjoyable if you like similar games in this genre, like Tower of the Sorcerer, or Desktop Dungeons.


I had a blast playing this! I love the tight constraints of managing health, xp, and consumables. exploring the world to find the points I can push forwards through is so rewarding. I just finished playing through the challenge mode, making great use of the zero-death reward from a normal playthrough :)

playing this reminded me a bit of Desktop Dungeons in terms of how open information is, and the tactic of clearing a screen of enemies by taking as much damage as you can handle, leveling up from the near-death enemies, and then taking care of the rest. it feels good to pull that off!

I have mixed feelings about the spellbook. I love the tactical variety in it and how powerful it can be, because it can open up so many solutions to getting through tough situations, but at the same time it can trivialize the difficulty... however, I think I'd prefer it being overpowered, than underpowered and thus likely frustrating to manage.

one more thing on my mind... when I was first playing the game, I really thought that all the yellow stones throughout the world would turn out to be important, their placements seemed so particular and obscure. I know they (minor spoiler) visually change when the world changes, but that's all... it was fun to speculate on what they could mean, though!


Really enjoyable! Took me a bit to understand how to approach the game, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed it! Will keep my eye out for more games from this creator. Thank you!


This is a fun puzzle adventure RPG!

For more games like this, I suggest trying out "DROD RPG", "Tower of the Sorcerer", and "Tactical Nexus".


This is a neat game with a neat concept. It's got a lot of quirks, some good and some annoying (the difficulty spikes made my first playthrough take a LONG time, and the background music is very, very repetitive), but I find myself re-visiting it occasionally to try and beat my previous score. Calling it a straightforward RPG doesn't do it justice, since it's very strategy- and memorization-heavy. It's not a PERFECT experience, but it's a unique experience and I really enjoyed it.

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I've been tweaking the difficulty in subtle ways to make it more managable, but yeah the first playthrough can be rough if you aren't careful. Thanks for playing. :)


There is... no strategy to this, and very little gameplay. It's just an endless grind of finding things to hit safely until you can hit more things safely. I expected a lot more out of an "open world RPG".

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It does get more complex the further you get, sorry if you didn't like it.


I got to the part where I got spells, but the combat still isn't very engaging. It's just given me more ways to oneshot things.

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Just to clarify, direct combat isnt really the focus. It's more about exploration & character progression, hence "adventure RPG".

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But there's not really much point in character progression if there's nothing to use it on. Character progression here just involves clicking on certain things until you can click on other things. You aren't even given any choices over what stats you gain, and each new tier of equipment is strictly better than the previous. Likewise, there is nothing to explore that isn't related to combat. Through exploration, you discover enemies and items that help you fight enemies, and that's about it. I hoped for there to be some meaningful interactions with the goblins and bandits and my genocide of them given that they're, you know, people, but no such luck.


How well it looks with these new graphics and sound.
Thanks for setting the game to my music!
Good luck and may you sell endless copies.

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Hi Snabisch, I used the higher quality versions in the new update. They're very fitting loops, thanks for making them! A Steam version might be happening soon.


Looking forward to seeing you on Steam.


I love the old school look of the game. This feels like a dungeon crawler type of game. It is however a bit too difficult for me. :-[


Very, VERY fun game. Well worth the 2 hours I spent playing through it and it is a cruel steal that this game is free right now. PLAY. THIS. GAME. My only gripe is that the difficulty curve is kind of weird. You are definitely weakest in the beginning of the game but as the game progresses you just get stronger and stronger - eventually getting to a point where you are unkillable, meanwhile the gameplay and the monsters itself does not really get harder to match. I don't exactly have an idea on how to solve this problem, but the game is well worth a play regardless.

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There is a challenge mode that makes the game harder, but you have to complete the game to unlock it.


That's a really great game. If you are thinking about playing this game you should definitely try it.

The machanics are simple and you learn fast, some enemies are stronger so you need to level up to kill them and I liked that. I don't know much about the story because I couldn't enter in the city yet. If this game have a great story it will just be one of my favorities on itch.io

Also, I'm still learning how to make games and I want to make a RPG too. I read the comment of Firecat1311 and it's something to think about, because I was also thinking about making a game that the player should farm more before taking new steps. Now I will try to think about a way to make it cool, so I thank you both for the lesson.

Again, I really enjoyed your game!


Very cute and full of charm.

I was really into the concept at first, but unfortunately with how much XP you need you have to spend way too much time just scouring the world for things that won't kill you (and the weakest targets available are usually still ones you have to do a lot of math with to manage limited HP). It got to be too much for me and I couldn't finish it.

Other than that, it's a concept with a lot of potential, I'd like to see more games like this.


Thanks for playing, I do plan on making a successor at some point in the future with more tunable difficulty.




I am having alot of fun with this. Playing this game, I don't get the sense of an "RPG" in any traditional way. It's like the entire game world is one big puzzle and you're traversing it to find where to put the pieces.

Level ups feel like rewards for being forward thinking, and behave like keys to which stronger enemies are the matching locks. Not to mention the keys you find in the form of equipment, special items, and well.. keys! Try the demo, it's worth your time.

I'm glad I bumped into this one.


Great game, I really recommend downloading the demo and giving it a go, eagerly awaiting full release!


So maybe I'm just stupid but I could not figure out how to escape the prison cell when the game starts.

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Try inspecting the wall to the left of the writing. ;)

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This is a fun little puzzle adventure game.  When I first started playing, It reminded me of Hydlide for the original NES.  The music goes very well with the area you're in. Thanks for making it.

 If anyone is having a hard time playing, try not to use any potions near the beginning and make sure to scout around a lot for easier enemies to level up.